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History Highlights for October 23

Jim Leyritz went yard off Mark Wohlers in what may have been the most famous game of the amazing, 13-year, in-the-playoffs string that just ended for the Yanks in 2008. The Yanks and Kenny Rogers fell behind the Braves early, 6-0, but The King’s shot capped the second three-run inning the Yanks posted to get even, and they scored two in the 10th for the 8-6 win. They won back-to-back games in Atlanta and evened a Series they had been given little chance to win, on October 23, 1996. Continue reading

History Highlights for October 22

1998 New York Yankees 125 wins
2001 Seattle Mariners 120 wins

On October 22, 2001, the Yanks confronted the Seattle Mariners in Yankee Stadium after the M’s had played a regular season better than the one New York had put together in 1998, but the Bombers sent them home one round short of the World Series. Andy Pettitte got the 12-3 win over Aaron Sele, and Bernie Williams, Paul O’Neill, and Tino Martinez went yard. My favorite sign from that night, which graced The Big Ballpark’s Tier facade on the first base side in Section 11, leads off this highlight. Continue reading

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