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History Highlights for November 26

After smashing 165 homers during his first nine years in the bigs with the Yanks, Moose Skowron was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for pitcher Stan Williams on November 26, 1962. Williams was a more valuable member of the pitching staff in New York in the next two years than his 10-13 win-loss mark might lead one to believe. Skowron’s output, on the other hand, fell to four homers, 19 rbi’s, and a .203 ba on the left coast in 1963. Then in something of a win/win for faithful Yankee fans, Moose would recover to have four decent years with the White Sox, once he was no longer playing for the at the time rival Dodgers. Continue reading

History Highlights for November 25

The most famous Yankee to be born on November 25 is the Yankee Clipper, Joe DiMaggio (1914). Hitter of 361 lifetime home runs (all as a righty batter) in a home ballpark with a virtually unreachable left center field wall, he won three MVP Awards and two batting titles, while driving home 1,537 runs. He led the league in rbi’s twice, in homers twice, slugging percentage twice, and total bases three times. He played 13 seasons around World War II, and wore the honor of being the “greatest living ballplayer” with dignity for almost 50 years before his death in 1999. Continue reading

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