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History Highlights for December 18

Christmas came both early and late for Yankee fans in 2008. First, the team gave them two huge presents exactly one week early when they signed free-agent lefty CC Sabathia to a seven-year deal, and then righthander A.J. Burnett on for the next five years on December 18, 2008. Then more than 10 months later, the presents bore fruit as the Yanks took home Championship No. 27. Continue reading

History Highlights for December 17

Yankee fans were crushed when Jimmy Key left the Bronx and signed with the Orioles after the ’96 win in the World Series, and the fact that David Wells left the Birds and signed with the Yanks on December 17, 1996, was not greeted with glee. But “The Boomer” enjoyed two, two-year stints in the Bronx afterward, and went 34-14 each time, very impressive numbers. Continue reading

When It Was Just a Game with a Different Name

Next fall my WHEN IT WAS JUST A GAME will be taking center stage. As promised, for those of you who are interested in excerpts, sneak previews, samples, here you go.

One of Commissioner Pete Rozelle’s suggestions for the name of the new game was “The Big One.” That name never caught on. “Pro Bowl,” was another Rozelle idea. Had the name been adopted there would have been confusion for that was the name used for the NFL’s All Star game. Another name was floated “World Series of Football.” That died quickly. It was deemed too imitative of baseball’s Fall Classic. Continue reading

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