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Game Time

Excerpt: When It Was Just a Game:Remembering Super Bowl One by Harvey Frommer, publication November 2014

“The Packers themselves beat us in the first half, then the Packers and the Packer myth beat us in the second.” —Kansas City defensive tackle Jerry Mays.

The scene was finally set for the playing of a football game in search of a name of its own and an identity. After the historic announcement of the merger of the two football leagues, after weeks of bickering, bargaining and ballyhoo, it was finally almost Game Time. Continue reading

Hoop Names and How They Got That Way Part 2

With the basketball season upon us, with all kinds of news being made, with the college and pro game making news 24/7, it’s enjoyable to re-visit how some hoop names came to be.

Some people think that the Chicago Bulls got their name because of the stockyards that exist in that windy city. The Bulls received their moniker in 1966 by their first owner, Richard Klein, who admired “Bulls” because of their toughness and looked forward to having a team that had that quality. Continue reading

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