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Remembering the First Super Bowl (From the Vault)

“The most fun thing was watching the development of the Super Bowl because the game is what it’s all about. I really felt a high at every Super Bowl with all the glitz and the spectacular halftime shows.” – Pete Rozelle

The big news just announced by the National Football League is that the fiftieth Super Bowl will not be designated by a Roman numeral. It will simply be Super Bowl 50. That is an incredible change of pace and will save lots of us the trouble of counting on our fingers tracing to figures things out. Continue reading

Sad Days in Beantown

The joy and passion and full houses and the glow of a Red Sox world championship is fading fast. The hundreds of games of solid straight sellouts also belong to memory. Carping critics, media mavens, surly fans all are part of a strange mix. Things get worse, but one day they will get better.

A flashback to Fenway Park of the 1960s shows what it was like when things were really bad around Red Sox from Boston. There are still those around who recall that time, some with mixed emotions. Continue reading

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