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An All Star Moment at Fenway

As the season moves into July, All Star Baseball is on the minds of many and memories of previous midsummer classics are revived. For me, one of the special games took place July 13, 1999, the 70th All-Star Game.

On hand were the candidates for the All-Century Team as well as the 1999 All Stars. And since it was staged on Boston’s home turf — the center of attraction was Theodore Francis Williams. Continue reading

The Language of the Beautiful Game

For all you out there groping for the words or trying to understand some of them being spread about, with the World Cup in full swing and its language and the language of the world’s most popular sport in the air — for your reading pleasure — a primer on just some of the words that make up the game.

ACTIVE RESISTANCE: To use force in opposing another player.
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