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Sports Book Shelf: Billy Martin and other books on sports

Billy Martin” by Bill Pennington, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $30.00, 530 pages is a monster lode of material on the man the book’s sub-title calls “Baseball’s Flawed Genius.” An award winning sports writer for the New York Times, Pennington covered Martin’s time with the Yankees when he was a beat writer. So his work is an up close and personal look at Martin through the author’s recollections of perceptions and from many who knew him well. Continue reading

Tales from NBA Draft History

We are at that time of year again. The NFL draft is finished, and the NBA draft has next. The NBA draft is all the rage. Prospects are dissected, analyzed, and compared to heroes of yesteryear. There is the pre-draft camp, the endless talk show hustle as well as fantasy drafts. Preceded by hype, hope and hoopla, the NBA Draft finally arrives with a cast of hundreds of personalities, nationally televised hour after hour. And then there is the endless post-draft commentary. Continue reading

Five O’Clock Lightning

There is always the debate among baseball aficionados, experts, fans — what was the greatest baseball team of all time? Perhaps after reading the new edition of Five O’Clock Lightning, you will have the definitive answer, the 1927 New York Yankees.

When Yankee owner Colonel Ruppert’s “Rough Riders,” as some called them, were not going head to head against their American League competition, they were playing exhibition games in Buffalo, Omaha, Rochester, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, all kinds of places. Continue reading

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