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History Highlights for August 15

Putting together an awesome start, Chad Green, recalled from AAA that morning, walked none while striking out 11 over six innings in a 1-0 win over R.A. Dickey and the Blue Jays on August 15, 2016. The hard-throwing righthander gave up two singles, and Toronto scratched out one single and a walk over the last three innings.

It was a very good thing that Freddy Garcia and three relievers pitched well enough for the Yankees to prevail 3-2 over the Rangers in new Yankee Stadium on August 15, 2012, because I may have stormed the Scoreboard otherwise. Once the Yanks had scored all their runs on Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson, and Eric Chavez rbi’s in the bottom of the third, the board shared the fact that, after his awesome home-run-hitting display across the street in the 2008 Home Run Derby, Josh Hamilton had not yet hit one in the new place, a stat that remained true for all of six pitches. Hamilton would close the score to 3-2 with another long ball in the sixth, but Rafael Soriano struck him out in the ninth inning.

It was the second time in his career that Mickey Mantle homered from both sides of the plate when he did it on August 15, 1955, in a 12-6 win over Baltimore. Following the Yanks’ 5-4 win in the first game, The Mick’s heroics keyed the double dip sweep.

History of a different kind perhaps, and it took place on the “wrong” side of New York City, but the Beatles appeared live in Shea Stadium on August 15, 1965.

Happy Birthday, Scott Brosius (1966).

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