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History Highlights for January 14

On January 14, 1954, a world-famous Yankee player made headlines yet again. But this was truly huge news. This was the day that Joe DiMaggio and actress and icon Marilyn Monroe tied the knot.

The Yankees signed Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui to a three-year contract on January 14, 2003.

Given the nonsigning of star second baseman Robinson Cano, Yankee fans looked upon the move with some hope when the club signed free agent second sacker Brian Roberts on January 14, 2014. We can be such fools, a sad tendency proven again exactly two years later for any fan who took the January 14, 2016, Yankees signing of free agent righty Anthony Swarzak to a minor league contract and inviting him to spring training as a positive development. Swarzak would go 1-2 in 26 games with some success, but he would give up back-breaking home runs in several dispiriting losses down the 2016 stretch.

William Bendix, the film actor who played Babe Ruth in The Babe Ruth Story, and who also starred as umpire “Two Call” Johnson in the zany Kill the Umpire!, was born on January 14, 1906.

Johnny Murphy, who died of a heart attack on January 14, 1970, was the Mets general manager when they ran the table in 1969, but he was even more effective in the Yankee bullpen as a player from 1932-1946, during which time he fashioned a 93-53 record and notched all but three of his 107 career saves. John Ganzel (1959) and Tex Neuer (1966) join Murphy as Yankees who died on January 14. First baseman Ganzel hit nine homers with 54 rbi’s playing in 259 games for the 1903-1904 Highlanders, extending to 18/136 over his seven years, much of it with Cincinnati. One of those nine long balls was the FIRST home run in Yankee history. Lefty Neuer’s 4-2 mark in seven games (six starts) for the 1907 team was his only action. And Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds and owner of the San Diego Padres, passed away on January 14, 1984

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