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History Highlights for March 6

When Babe Ruth signed a three-year deal on March 6, 1922, he more than tripled the yearly salary of teammate Frank “Home Run” Baker, the second-highest on the team. But it was only fair. He had outhomered him in 1921 by better than 7-to-1; The Babe hit 59 to Baker’s eight.

On March 6, 1906, the Cubs traded for third baseman Harry Steinfeldt. If you are ever asked the question, “Who was the fourth infielder who played with the famed double play combination of ‘Tinkers to Evers to Chance?’,” Steinfeldt is the answer.

Among Yankee players to have died on March 6 is Hall of Fame shortstop and third baseman Joe Sewell (1990), who did most of his 49-homers, 1,055-rbi damage with Cleveland from 1920-1930; Joe did hit the last 19 long balls and 136 rbi’s with the Yanks from 1931-1933. Also fitting this category: Switch-hitting third baseman Jimmy Austin (1965), who hit one home run with 39 rbi’s in 136 games while debuting with the Highlanders in 1909-1910. And another switch hitter, catcher Wally Schang (1965) hit 16 home runs good for 213 runs driven in with the 1921-1925 Yankees.

One-time Yankees born this day are Marcus Thames (1977), and Francisco Cervelli (1986).

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