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Don’t Call It A Rebuild…

Any other time the Yankees have made the post season and lost, I’ve felt a major disappointment. I mean, we are Yankee fans, so if we make the post season of course we feel anything less then winning a World Series seems unacceptable.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to rebuilding… We called up a bunch of Baby Bombers and wound up in the ALCS. Say What? Yes, we wound up in the ALCS during a season which was suppose to be part of a rebuild.

2017 had a different feel. Watching Judge and Sanchez during their first full season had us excited for the future, seeing Severino bounce back from a miserable sophomore season and having Bird come off the DL to look like the Greg Bird we saw in Spring Training had us chomping at the bit.

Heck, in a season we were’t suppose to sniff the Wild Card, we wound up just missing winning the AL East. After a strong start, we faltered a bit in the second half. A few moves were made when we kept pace tho and didn’t fall out.

The whole team turning it on down the stretch, when perhaps it looked like the Wild Card spot was in jeopardy was encouraging and fun. Our team was playing well, they were having fun and it came across and as a fan you can feel the excitement coming from this young team.

A wild card game seemed great, especially when you never expected to be there. We won that for a chance to play The Cleveland Indians who had an amazing year of their own. Nobody gave the Yankees a shot, deservingly so considering the amazing end the Indians had to their season. Down two games to none? No problem, this team had no quit. Despite the fact that they should have never been down 2-0, it didn’t phase this team. They continued to have fun and went out play ball and shocked the world when they came back to take three straight from the Indians to move on to the ALCS.

Another matchup against another great team who also faltered in the second half thanks to injuries. But it was time to face the Houston Astros, locked and loaded with Keuchel, Altuve and Correa to name a few. Again, within in a blink the Yankees were down two games to zero again. Everyone joked at that point, we had the Astros just where we wanted them. But it wasn’t a joke and the Yankees who were dominant at home this season continued their success as they wound up taking all three games at home to force the series back to Houston.

Now, headed back to Houston and two shots to win one game for a ticket to the World Series. We are one game away from the World Series in a year nobody expected us to even make the wild card game. But here we are, two shots to win one game but unfortunately that last win wouldn’t come.

Normally this is where the disappointment comes in, the depression knowing our season was over and having to wait a long winter for nexts season. When the last out was made last night in game 7, sure I felt down a little bit, but it wasn’t the same as in years past.

This year I felt rewarded. Seeing a young team, Baby Bombers, left me with hope. Not the feeling of hoping for one more Championship, but hopes that many championships are in our future. This team is loaded with talent, not only what we saw this year, but the farm system is still fully stocked and ready to help.

We can rest easy knowing that as exciting and good as this team was, this is only the beginning. The 2017 New York Yankees will be the least talented Yankee team you will see for quite some time….

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