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Cano fires Boras, Hires Jay-Z????

In a story that is still breaking it seems as if Robinson Cano has severed ways with agent Scott Boras and signed on with a new company founded by Jay-Z called Roc Nation.  The only catch is it seems as if that the last person to know was Scott Boras.

As the news broke, you could hear a sigh of relief from Yankee Fans across the nation.  It is custom for Boras clients to test the free agency market when their deals expire, but one has to wonder (or hope in my case) that since Jay-Z is a Yankee fan he will help urge the two to come to an agreement to keep Cano in pinstripes after his current deal expires.

Earlier this year the Yankees had made an significant offer to Cano to extend his contract, but there had been no communications between the sides in quite a while.  Lets hope that is about to change.

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