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                 Yanks Calling it a Deep Bruise

The list of the Yankees’ M*A*S*H unit grew on Friday when Eduardo Nunez was drilled in the right biceps by an 88-mph Doug Fister fastball. Nunez howled in pain and feared he had broken his arm, but X-rays were negative and the shortstop is being considered day to day.

The Yanks may consider trying to squeak by with catcher Francisco Cervelli as an emergency infielder until Nunez is ready to return rather than burn a roster spot.  Hopefully it won’t cool down Francisco’s bat at all.

Kevin Youkilis became the 67th player to homer in both a Yankees and Red Sox uniformwhen he hit ” the Nuke From Yuke”. That gave the Bombers a short lived lead.  In the bottom of the inning Nova allowed a single, a walk and a hit-by-pitch in the fifth inning, exiting with two on and two out turning over the mound to Boone Logan.

But Logan, who relieved and watched Fielder mash his second pitch on a rope into the right-field seats handed the head right back to the Tigers who went on to an 8-3 victory.



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