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Yanks Lose To Tigers Again

So my hunch was a little wrong.  The relief was killing us.  I found myself rooting for the Yankees to tie it in the 9th so I could see Cervelli play SS.  But it’s time for CC Sabathia to get the Yankee Clipper going in the right direction on Sunday.

CC Sabathia started New York’s opener, at home against Boston on Monday, but gave up eight hits and four earned runs in five innings during the Yankees’ 8-2 loss.  Sunday’s series finale against the Tigers and Yankees at Comerica Park is  scheduled to be a showdown between aces — Justin Verlander vs. CC Sabathia.  The Bombers need to salvage ( boy do I hate that word) this game.

Verlander was victorious in Monday’s season opener against the Twins, 4-2,  despite being limited in pitches; he threw 91.

SHIFT THIS:  The Tigers have yet to shift against the Yanks but the Sox were shifting all over the place.  Hey BUNT IT where they ain’t do this a couple times and they will think twcie about shifting.




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