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Negativity So Thick You Can Cut it With A Knife

Yes I can see that we are not playing good baseball, but even with the shutout win the negative talk on the news and on the net are still in abundance.  Unlike BTB most negativity is unfound and just rehash of what someone has read in the tabloids.

It is no secret that we are hurting.  And we could see Cervelli play an infield position before the smoke clears.  But most of these so call fans are well above 40, so don’t tell me they have never seen our team bad before!

The replacement players are doing a more than adequate job and should be able to keep our heads above water until the wound stop hurting.  Most of these fans couldn’t tell you who Horace Clarke or Celerino Sanchez even are.

Time heals all wounds and time will bring us back to strength.  Patience brings you time.  Sit back and enjoy the game and our lineup will be back one by one.

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