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Who’s In First? Tomorrow is Another Day!

By Special Guest Blogger Juan Lopez, aka Johnnyyankee


How things have changed. For the better, of course! Here we were down spiraling and facing Mr. Justin Verlander and so we felt we were in for a tough time. But, baseball is a wonderful sport where anything can happen, and will!
We banged around Verlander, move into Cleveland and what do you know, even Robbie Cano got into the act also! All of a sudden we are 3-4, still under .500 but, starting to see positive results in the guys we signed to take over our injured stars.
Hafner and Wells are hitting, and it’s getting contagious! If only Bret and Ichiro could also get into the act, we will really show everyone that said we stunk, wrong! We got 7 runs Sunday and 11 yesterday. Heck, everyone thought we had no power, but we have hit 10 homers in 7 games, which is great! We seem to be snapping out of uncertainty, and now all of a sudden we feel we can beat anyone. We don’t look overmatched at all! Who knows, maybe we’ll play better ball with these guys than we will when the stars return. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit, for I see a slow starter like Mark returning in June or so, struggling as he always does every time a season starts, even if his is starting later than usual.
Who knows how Jeter’s ankle will be, how his timing will be affected. Alex, well he can stay on the bench as Youkilis does his thing, as he has done so far and will continue to if given the chance. Granderson, well he can also have a problem getting his timing, his rhythm back, which means a ton of Ks in the process.
I honestly like this team, with lesser superstars in it, but with “hungrier” dudes trying to hang around with the club. In the long run, they will produce and who knows, maybe even surprise everyone and win more often than not. So order has been restored, let us now go on for four! GOferit, right RJ?
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