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Back Home In The Bronx

The Orioles bean a couple of our players, including the ever so fragile Nunez.  Then the ump makes an absurdly ridiculous balk call on CC Sabathia.  Our Yankees bounce back by scoring three more runs, getting a triple play, and winning the game!!  With Mariano Rivera getting the 7-8-9 save.  (Wells-Brett-Ichiro)  THAT’S how the game is played in New York.

The Yankees  turned a triple play in the eighth inning after Adam  Jones dropped Vernon  Wells’ fly ball while blowing a bubble for a game-changing, three-run error,  and New York beat the Baltimore Orioles 5-2 Friday night for its fourth straight  win.

Baltimore  started the eighth with two singles off CC  Sabathia (2-1), and Manny  Machado hit a sharp low liner that second baseman Robinson  Cano.


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