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aka JohnNYYankee

At this point into the 2013 season, I have to ask myself and maybe you are asking yourselves also, would we have been better, or maybe as good, had we had all our missing players from the start of the season? I mean, this is spectacular, isn’t it? We have some team right now, able to instill fear on the opposition more so than when we had our big boys in the lineup. Could be that this team puts the ball more in play than the others, who we know are giving us fits with so many Ks, especially Alex and Granderson.
Maybe a message has been sent that you don’t need superstars in every position to win. That what you really need is a bunch of professional hitters like Wells, Oberbay, Youk, and Haffner, and a born-again catcher like Cervelli, to excel. There’s fire in these guys and so far every acquisition that Cashman has made, has paid off. The good thing about all of this is that Suzuki has not even started to hit, to get on base, to steal bases. This guy is too good to stay cold as he has been, so you know he will join in and that when he does, this will be some Yankee machine.
Maybe the lack of pressure to win, to be expected to go to the WS and bring the World Championship, as has happened every single year since the days of George, has “inspired” or fired up this club, and even the old man “Andy,” is pitching like a Cy Youn-ger.” He looks like a kid out there, making believers of unbelievers, and Mariano, wasn’t this his last year? Heck, the way he has pitched he should reconsider. There is a lot left in both, and in all truth, Mariano should return the dirt that he got from Detroit. The one in the Stadium is more fertile, right?
As our team takes the field, we can no longer expect to be embarrassed, or to embarrass ourselves. We have a very exciting team and I am sure that Brian must be smiling somewhere knowing that he has so far the last laugh, for he hasn’t been laughing lately with all of the turmoil regarding his personal life. He has proven that when it comes to addressing the issues, he’s as good as they come, even if he at first makes one think otherwise. Wells and Hafner, have resurrected their careers, and are playing much like they did in their prime. With a continuation of this type of production, we certainly would want our fallen heroes to stay a little while longer mending, for there’s no need to rush, right?
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