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Kansas City Here We Come…

From BTB’s own Dan “Knuckles” McCourt

Has Anyone Here Seen Kelley? K-E-double L-Y Has Anyone Here Seen Kelley? Kelley from the Emerald Isle

OK, Shawn ruins the illusion due to the unorthodox spelling of his last name (extra E, first name spelled differently too), but who was that strike out specialist last night?

In as untypical a night as we’ve seen in 2013, Phly Ball Phil was hurt by his demon, but the Yankees piled on. Still, once Phil was out, there were 10 HUGE outs that needed to be recorded, with no Roberston and no Mo.

What a great outing by Shawn!


Shawn Kelley Trivia:  Shawn and Tino Martinez wore the same number (23) with Seattle.


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