Where Yankee Fans And Their Bomber Buddies Come To Talk Baseball...

Writing Baseball — A Talk With Harvey Frommer

“Writing Baseball,” a multimedia exhibit based on the writings and collections of MALS professor Harvey Frommer, will be on display from June 17-July 31 at Dartmouth’s Baker-Berry Library. The exhibit will center on three themes: “Old Time Baseball,” “Red Sox vs. Yankees,” and “Breaking Baseball’s Color Line,” all of which will be evoked through Professor Frommer’s writings, photographs and display of memorabilia.


A widely published and well-known sports author and oral historian, Frommer is the author of 41 baseball books including Remembering Yankee Stadium and Remembering Fenway Park. He plans to recount some of his experiences as a chronicler of the national pastime in a presentation on June 24.

Dr. Frommer’s talk is scheduled for 4pm on Monday, June 24 at the north end of the first floor of Berry Library. All are welcome. Ballpark-style refreshments will be served.

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