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Suspensions Officially Handed Out…

In case you have been living under a rock MLB has officially handed out suspensions to players across the Major Leagues.  Two bombers were effected by this.  Francisco Cervelli has agreed to serve a 50 game suspension for his involvement and the drama that is Alex Rodrigues has been handed a suspension that will last through the 2014 season.

A-Rod has chosen to appeal his suspension and is schedules to make his 2013 debut tonight in Chicago.  It has been a long season for A-Rod who has been recovering from off season hip surgery.

The day to day drama Alex Rodriguez has going on is more intense then something you would see on a daytime Soap Opera.  Difference of opinions with the front office, speaking out against each other and quite frankly wondering if anyone other then Alex Rodriguez wants Alex Rodrigues to play again pretty much sums up what has happened the past few months.

While I am not an Alex Rodriguez fan (of course I root for him to do well to support the Yankees) I do feel perhaps his punishment is a bit too strict.  How does a player who has never been suspended before get a stricter penalty then a player who falsely won an appeal for what should have been his first suspension.  It will be interesting to see where the appeal goes and seeing the continuing story of A-Rod.

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