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BTB Site Update & Future

Just wanted to give everyone an update on everything here at “Behind the Bombers.”  As you can imagine it has been a rough couple of months since the untimely passing of our beloved family member and BTB founder Phil Speranza.  It really is an amazing community here, I can not tell you how much you guys have helped me the past couple of months.  There were nights where I would just go on the forum and read your posts.  Reading all of your comments, memories and thoughts was a big help.  It amazes me even in his passing, Phil continued to give to me by bringing me together with all of you.  It really is a special family we have here.

As you probably noticed it took me a bit to start working on the site as I dealt with and continue to deal with what has happened.  However, as you may have noticed I have finally made the turn and am able to give my attention to the site where it belongs.

One of the first things I did was update the banner.  Of course it had to be a fitting tribute to Phil.  I think we’ve accomplished that and would like to thank Chris Gering for designing it for us.  I also figured it would be appropiate to add Phil’s name in front of “Behind the Bombers” since of course this was his vision and labor of love.  What started out as a newsletter has grown into such an amazing presence here on the web and is “the longest running Yankee fansite on the internet.

There are more updates and improvements coming to the site in the future.  I still have a list from Phil with additions he would like added to the site.  Over the next couple of weeks I will continue to implement them and help make BTB’s presence on the internet as strong as ever because I know that is just the way he would want it.

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