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Walk-Up Music

There has been a lot of discussion on the Babble Board recently about the walk-up songs played over the P.A. for each batter. Derek Jeter even appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show, and Fallon came up with some humorous walk-up songs for him.

Being an old fogey, I am not a huge fan of the loud rap songs that most players choose as their songs. I have often wondered what it would be like if players chose old-time music. Well, I attended a game Wednesday night at Nats Park as the Nats hosted Atlanta, and it was apparently Frank Sinatra Night. As every player (from both teams) approached home, he was randomly assigned a Sinatra song. At first it seemed a litle cool – but, I must admit even though I enjoy Sinatra, it was out of place. By the 6th inning, I actually wanted the rap back! How many times can you hear “Fly Me to the Moon” or “My Way”?? It just didn’t fit at that moment of a ball game. Now, “New York, New York” after a Yankee win? That’s different – it’s music to my ears!

What I do miss are the clever organists who would play an appropriate tune for the batters as they walked up. I don’t know the organist’s name, but the guy in Anaheim in the early ’70’s used to be very creative and entertaining. When Carl Yastrzemski came up, he would be greeted with a rendition of “Yaz, We Have No Bananas!” Leroy Stanton would get “Stanton on the Corner, Watchin’ All the Girls Go By.” Eddie Murray would get the theme from the TV show “Mr. Ed.” And Rich Dauer would be serenaded with “If I Were a Rich Man.” The music was pleasant, not the blaring loud stuff we get over the speakers today, and I would find myself listening intently to see what pun the organist would come up with next. I have to admit I wish we could go back to that era for the walk-up songs.

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