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History Highlights for November 17

The first to pass on of the four Yankee players to have died on November 17 was lefthanded outfielder Benny Kauff (1961), who debuted by playing five games for the 1912 Highlanders. He collected two rbi’s on three hits in 11 at bats, numbers that ballooned to 49 home runs and 454 rbi’s after two years in the Federal League with the Hoosiers and the Tip-Tops, followed by a 1916-1920 stop with the Giants. Shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh (1977) played 1,219 games with the 1913-1921 Yankees, reaching 36 fences good for 427 rbi’s while getting 1,170 hits in 4,515 at bats. A three-year stint with Cleveland earlier, and six years spent mostly in Washington afterward rendered the final numbers of 48 and 739. Continue reading

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