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The Complex, Two-headed Casey (Part III)

For those Yankee lovers and Yankee haters and all those in between who have responded to my first two pieces on Charles Dillon Stengel, for you to enjoy and write to me about is another in the series.

Sparing no one including himself, Casey Stengel was equally at ease using the back of his hand or the glad hand. Not unduly concerned about hurting a player’s (or anyone else’s feelings) by a sarcastic or sharp criticism even in front of others, Stengel picked his times. Continue reading

History Highlights for July 17

At first view, July 17, 1961, looked to be a good day in Yankee land. They beat the Orioles in the first game of a double dip in Baltimore 5-0, as Whitey Ford notched his 13th straight win and Mickey Mantle and Moose Skowron hit long home runs. But around the same time, Commissioner Ford Frick was ruling that to break Babe Ruth’s record for home runs in a season, it would have to be done in 154 games, a slap at Roger Maris. Meanwhile, back in Baltimore, the second game went into rain delay one out before becoming an official game with the Yankees leading, 4-1. In 65 minutes the game was called, wiping out Mantle and Maris home runs. Had Roger’s dinger stood, he would have tied Ruth in 154 games. Continue reading

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