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History Highlights for January 30

Lefty Gomez, Eddie Lopat, Whitey Ford, Ron Guidry, all great Yankee lefty starters where they were needed most: in the House That Ruth Built, with its short porch in right. But leading the way was Herb Pennock. Business Manager Ed Barrow knew what he was doing when he procured Herb from the Red Sox on January 30, 1923, just a few months before Yankee Stadium was to open. Barrow shipped infielder Norm McMillan, pitcher George Murray, and outfielder Camp Skinner to Boston for Herb, along with $50,000. Murray would post a 9-20 mark in Beantown, and McMillan and Skinner combined for 43 rbi’s, all but one from McMillan, who also chipped in with 13 stolen bases. Pennock would notch 162 wins in the next 11 seasons, appearing in four World Series with the Yanks (3-1), during which he posted a 5-0 record. And he saved two October Classic games, earning the last one in the Babe Ruth “Called Shot” game in Wrigley in 1932. Continue reading

History Highlights for January 25

A lefty hitting shortstop who played all of his 1957 through 1964 years with the Yanks, Tony Kubek retired on January 25, 1966. Kubek contributed 57 homers and 373 rbi’s to the Yankee cause.

Larry MacPhail, Dan Topping, and Del Webb purchased the Yankees from the Ruppert estate on January 25, 1945. But with a Championship in 1947 and five in a row starting two years later, Yankee fans soon relaxed that ownership eyes were still obviously on the prize. Continue reading

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