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History Highlights for January 25

A lefty hitting shortstop who played all of his 1957 through 1964 years with the Yanks, Tony Kubek retired on January 25, 1966. Kubek contributed 57 homers and 373 rbi’s to the Yankee cause.

Larry MacPhail, Dan Topping, and Del Webb purchased the Yankees from the Ruppert estate on January 25, 1945. But with a Championship in 1947 and five in a row starting two years later, Yankee fans soon relaxed that ownership eyes were still obviously on the prize. Continue reading

History Highlights for January 22

On January 22, 1997, baseball officially lost its most faithful and worthy practitioner, when Don Mattingly retired. He said it best himself: “I never felt I was as talented as some other players, but I was willing to try some things other players weren’t willing to do. I played from the heart.” Yankee fans everywhere welcomed him back as hitting coach in 2004. He filled that same role through 2006, served as Joe Torre‘s bench coach in 2007, and sadly headed to Los Angeles with Torre for the 2008 season after being passed over in favor of Joe Girardi as the new Yankee manager. He’s in Miami to manage for 2016. Continue reading

History Highlights for January 19

New York Yankee catcher Yogi Berra was named to the Hall of Fame on this day in 1972, joined on the dais by the legendary Sandy Koufax and by 300-game winner Early Wynn. Yogi played for the Yanks from 1946 through 1963, and had a handful of at bats for the Mets in 1965. He smacked 358 home runs, drove in 1,430 runs, and even stole 30 bases, and won three American League Most Valuable Player Awards. Yogi, who managed both New York franchises to the World Series, passed away in September 2015, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously two months later. Continue reading

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