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History Highlights for April 12

Although CC Sabathia pitched a great game and allowed the Orioles just one earned run over eight innings, with eight strike outs on April 12, 2012, that comes in third or fourth place to several highlights that all involve the word “three.” First, once an unearned run in the seventh tied the game at 2-2, the Yanks benefited big-time from a three-run error on Baltimore’s Adam Jones, who dropped Vernon Wells‘s fly ball in center field, forging the 5-2 final score. Continue reading

History Highlights for April 10

April 10 jam packed with good stuff:

Motor City Meets the Bronx! On April 10, 1999, Smokey Robinson sang the National Anthem in Yankee Stadium before a game where the Bombers played host to the Tigers. Singleton jacks by Chili Davis and Scott Brosius and Derek Jeter‘s two-run triple in the game that followed complemented Roger Clemens‘s three-hit, eight-strike out pitching, and Jeff Nelson closed the 5-0 win. Continue reading

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