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History Highlights for May 6

On May 6, 1962, Mickey Mantle hit home runs from both sides of the plate in a game for the ninth time in his career in an 8-0 win over Washington in the second of two. It was Jim Bouton’s first career win. Roger Maris preceded The Mick’s first shot with one of his own. Although the Nationals won the opener, 4-2, Mantle accounted for the Yankee scoring in that contest with a portsided blast. Continue reading

Tales from NBA Draft History

We are at that time of year again. The NFL draft is finished, and the NBA draft has next. The NBA draft is all the rage. Prospects are dissected, analyzed, and compared to heroes of yesteryear. There is the pre-draft camp, the endless talk show hustle as well as fantasy drafts. Preceded by hype, hope and hoopla, the NBA Draft finally arrives with a cast of hundreds of personalities, nationally televised hour after hour. And then there is the endless post-draft commentary. Continue reading

History Highlights for May 2 — Players Soon to Be Lost/Grand Slams

There is plenty of note that took place in the Yankee 5-1 win over Seattle on May 2, 2008, but I was shook to see that the games-left counter in the Stadium was reduced from 69 to 68 by none other than the beloved Bobby Murcer, whose subsequent passing shook the most stoic of Yankee fans to their emotional core. (I was right to be stunned; Bobby would not live to see that August.) In the game, Chien-Ming Wang threw a beauty, allowing the run on just three hits and one walk through six. Melky Cabrera had a two-run double. Continue reading

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