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Sports Book Reviews: All American, The Last Cowboy and Birth of a Champion

“All American” and “The Last Cowboy” and “Birth of a Champion”Winners All.

This time of the year all kinds of books focused on the gridiron game make their appearance. Publishers trot them out, the good, the bad and the highly noteworthy.

The three tomes that are worth your cash and your reading time — in your longtime reviewer’s opinion — are given their due below.

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Impossible Dream Red Sox – 1967 (Part I and Part II)

(Excerpted from the author’s Remembering Fenway Park, autographed copies-mint condition available)

It is Cardinals versus Red Sox one more time in the World Series. The last time they met in the Fall Classic the guys from Fenway swept the Midwesterners. They also had a showdown in October in 1967.

In 1966, the Sox lost 90 games and finished ninth. Attendance at Fenway Park was 811,172, an average attendance per game of 10, 095. It was pitiful. Continue reading

The First World Series

With the 2013 World Series still ahead of us and lots of anticipation and some angst in the air, the first World Series in an earlier and more innocent time in the history of baseball, seems a wordy topic to reflect on. It is especially relevant for your loyal scribe who is still hard at work on a mainly oral history Remembering the First Super Bowl and still eagerly awaits contacts from any with info or memories of that 1967 event.

Back in the 1880s for a period of seven years there had been play-offs between National League and American Association champs. Once the play-offs went to 15 games — 1887 between St. Louis and Detroit. Continue reading

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