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History Highlights for November 9

A club of visiting major leaguers to Japan were defeated by a Japanese All Star team, 6-4, when one of the members of the home team hit a grand slam home run off Shane Reynolds of the Astros on November 9, 1996. Who supplied that power? Recent Yankee Designated Hitter Hideki Matsui, the 2009 World Series MVP. A great power hitter known as Godzilla in Japan, Hideki lived up to the name in 2004, although his power numbers slipped a bit in the following season. He was out with a serious injury for much of 2006, and struggled down the stretch with a bad knee in 2007, after winning the AL Player of the Month Award in a torrid July. Bad knees relegated Matsui to mostly DH duties in 2008 and 2009, but he made the adjustment beautifully. Continue reading

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