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Remembering: The New York Renaissance Five

With the NBA All Star Game almost upon us, with the college hoops season heading towards “March Madness,” it is sometimes satisfying to look back on the way of life that once existed in the game.

The New York Renaissance Five, better known as the “Rens,” was the first all-black professional basketball team. They existed before the Harlem Globetrotters and were a much different kind of team. The Globies clowned around; the Rens played to win and did they win! For their time there was no better basketball team in the world. Continue reading

When It Was Just a Game: Remembering Super Bowl One

Excerpt: When It Was Just a Game: Remembering Super Bowl One, an Oral History by Harvey Frommer, publication Fall 2014

CHUCK LANE: The Coliseum is a large, cavernous, historical building. That day to start there was almost like a maritime level atmosphere that was almost kind of misty. And then the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day. There was a considerable contingent from Green Bay. We traveled well, that’s kind of been a historical fact for the Packers.

FORREST GREGG: The Coliseum, never gave it a thought. We could have played the game on the moon. It would have not made any difference.

FRANK GIFFORD: I had played my college football in the Coliseum so I was not awed by it. It was and still is a pretty awesome place. Continue reading

Game Time

Excerpt: When It Was Just a Game:Remembering Super Bowl One by Harvey Frommer, publication November 2014

“The Packers themselves beat us in the first half, then the Packers and the Packer myth beat us in the second.” —Kansas City defensive tackle Jerry Mays.

The scene was finally set for the playing of a football game in search of a name of its own and an identity. After the historic announcement of the merger of the two football leagues, after weeks of bickering, bargaining and ballyhoo, it was finally almost Game Time. Continue reading

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