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History Highlights for June 6

Adam Warren pitched very well in an 8-2 win over visiting Anaheim on June 6, 2015, but he did so well with little pressure once his mates pounded righty Garrett Richards for six runs in the first. A Brian McCann homer for two and a two-run single by Brett Gardner in his second at bat in the 30-minute half inning did most of the damage. Warren allowed just four hits into the seventh, one of them a singleton blast off the bat of Mike Trout. Continue reading

History Highlights for June 4

Yesterday’s “highlights” included the sad story of a potential great career that never happened, and a franchise in need of a boost not getting one with the Yanks drafting Brien Taylor. The expectations weren’t nearly as high for the 1990 draft, which took place on June 4. But the Yanks landed a couple of winners in the lower rounds, with Andy Pettitte in the 20th round, and Jorge Posada in the 24th. Continue reading

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