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History Highlights for March 20

On March 20, 1958, the Phillies attempted to trade for first baseman and outfielder Joe Collins from the Yankees, but Joe opted to retire rather than report. A lefty, Joe appeared in seven World Series in his Yankee career; the Yanks won five of them. He played for the Yanks exclusively, for whom he slugged 86 round-trippers with 329 rbi’s and 27 steals from 1948-1957. Joe hit three walk-off home runs for the Yankees, two in 1952, and one in 1955. Continue reading

History Highlights for March 19

A couple of trades involving catcher Joel Skinner played a big part in my Yankee fan career. In the second, on March 19, 1989, with Dave Winfield sidelined due to back surgery, Joel was sent to the Indians for Mel Hall. Mel wasn’t the best Yankee teammate, and is reputed to have taunted the young Bernie Williams mercilessly, but he did hit two big walk-off homers that I witnessed in the Stadium in the 14-year “dead time” Yankee fans experienced after the 1981 World Series. (One was a huge three-run, bottom-of-the-ninth, come-from-behind, walk-off shot to beat the Red Sox on Memorial Day.) The other trade involving Skinner marked his arrival on the Yankee scene in 1986, with DH Ron Kittle and shortstop Wayne Tolleson. As a fan, I just could not handle Kittle as a Yankee. Continue reading

History Highlights for March 18

Peter Ueberroth perhaps failed to deliver as Commissioner of Baseball, despite the fact that there were some high hopes after his stirring success with the LA Olympics. But he ranks above Bud Selig, in my opinion, simply because he had the wisdom to reinstate Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays into baseball’s good graces on March 18, 1985. Bowie Kuhn had banned them both for making a living by accepting casino money to serve in public relations. Can you imagine having two ex-players the stature of Mays and Mantle and presuming to tell them they could have no connection to the game? Incredible. Continue reading

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