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History Highlights for October 21

There is no choice but to lead October 21 highlights off with a birthday, and how odd but wonderful it is that the Yanks and their fans can celebrate the birthdays of Mickey Mantle (born 10/20/31) and Whitey Ford (1928), the “Chairman of the Board,” on back to back days. Ford’s 236-106 record computes to the best winning percentage in the 20th Century, he holds the record at 10 World Series game victories, and Whitey’s 33-inning consecutive-scoreless-inning streak in the World Series that surpassed the one Babe Ruth had posted is still intact. In a 1961 known for Yankee offense he won the Cy Young Award and was the Series MVP. He topped the League in wins three times, in win/loss percentage three times, and in innings pitched twice. Furthermore, I spent a year of my youth erroneously convinced he was my cousin. Continue reading

Basketball Flashback: Celebrating the New York Renaissance Five

Better known as the “Rens,” the New York Renaissance Five was the first all-black professional basketball team. They existed before the Harlem Globetrotters and were a much different kind of team. The Globies clowned around; the Rens played to win and did they win! For their time there was no better basketball team in the world. Continue reading

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