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History Highlights for April 28

Was the decision to build the ballpark at Camden Yards at all affected by Baltimore’s need to move the Orioles out of a tainted Memorial Stadium once they extended their season-opening losing streak to a record 21 games in a 4-2 loss to the Twins on April 28, 1988? The loss broke a record shared by the 1906 Boston Red Sox and the 1916 and 1943 A’s for worst start. Continue reading

History Highlights for April 27

April 27, 1947, was Babe Ruth Day in all major league parks. It’s ironic, and anticlimactic, that the Yanks were shut out, 1-0, on the day all of baseball honored the greatest power hitter there ever was. The Babe’s words to the 58,339 in attendance at Yankee Stadium were broadcast throughout the country and into every major league park. Let’s face it. The man is the greatest icon in modern American sport, and always will be. Continue reading

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