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History Highlights for January 6

Considering the two reports that follow this one, Yankee land can utter a sigh of relief that the January 6, 2009 signing of first baseman Mark Teixeira worked out fairly well. Tex was not signed solely for his switch-hitting or power prowess, although it was hardly a surprise that he tied for the American League lead in home runs that year. A wizard at first base with his glove work, solid decision-making and stellar arm, Tex continued to give Yankee ownership and fans alike a good feeling that he signed, even though he has suffered significant injury issues the last few years. Hard-working Shelley Duncan was designated for assignment to make room on the 40-man roster, but Shelley would be back in the Yankee fold shortly, though he was onto Cleveland for 2010. Continue reading

History Highlights for January 5

The politics, signing their new star, or whatever was getting in the way, so even though the Yanks had actually acquired Babe Ruth‘s baseball services from Boston in late December 1919, it wasn’t announced by the ballclub until January 5, 1920, but delaying the announcement of signings is a practice the club maintains to this day. They now had the best general manager (though Ed Barrow‘s title was “business manager”), the best manager in Miller Huggins, and the best player in the Babe. They added the Big Ballpark in the South Bronx for the ’23 season, and the rest is history. Continue reading

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