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Remembering Yaz (Part I)

A statue honoring Carl Yastrzemski will soon be part of the environment outside of Fenway Park — and justifiably so. This piece and the one that will follow merge oral history with narrative to bring back some of the life and times of one of Boston’s greatest ballplayers.

Ted Williams was gone but the talk was about the “new Williams” waiting in the wings and ready to become a new legend for the Boston Red Sox starting in 1961. Continue reading

Red Sox vs. Yankees: The Great Rivalry

It wasn’t exactly murder at Yankee Stadium this past weekend, but for all intents and purposes it was another marker moment in the historic rivalry between the Yankees of New York and the Red Sox of Boston.

And Sawx fans are jumping for joy.

And why not?

The leaders in the AL East became the first visitors in more than a hundred years to score at least nine runs on three consecutive days against the Yankees. That was so long ago, 1912, that the New Yorkers were not the Yankees then but the Highlanders who played at Hilltop Park. Continue reading

The Real Jake: Colonel Ruppert’s End Game with the Yankees (Part 3)

In the tenth year of the Great Depression, Colonel Jacob Ruppert was one of the few who prospered big time while the economy of the nation collapsed.

Part of that prospering came from his business acumen — the good sense to buy New York City property at depression prices like the former Bank of United States Building, at Fifth and Forty-fourth in 1931, the Commerce Building, at Third and Forty-fourth, in 1932, a competing brewery in an area bounded by Second and Third Avenues, and Ninety-second and Ninety-fourth Streets, just east of his own. Continue reading

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