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History Highlights for August 14

First, I was too traumatized by a long day under conditions that felt, I’m told and believe, like 110 degrees, or I would have mentioned yesterday the death of Mickey Mantle on August 13, 2013. But on the 14th:

Not only did the late Bob Sheppard give a tribute to Phil Rizzuto in Yankee Stadium before the August 14, 2007 game with the Orioles after The Scooter had passed away the night before, the number “10″ adorned each of the bases as well. But Phil would not have enjoyed the game that followed. Jeff Karstens put the home team in a 5-0 hole through three innings, and reliever Jim Brower showed that a low AAA era can’t be trusted as the O’s jumped on him for six more scores. Daniel Cabrera and two relievers gave up two singles, and the Yanks were blanked 12-0. Continue reading

History Highlights for August 8

In the middle of a three-game sweep of the pinstripers on August 8, 2015, the Blue Jays trotted out their newest acquisition, southpaw David Price — the addition to the team that sparked their late surge to the Division title — to the mound, and he did not disappoint, allowing three hits and no runs through seven in a 6-0 win. Sadly, Ivan Nova gamely matched him into the sixth when, with one down, he allowed a walk, single, walk, and Justin Smoak grand slam home run. Continue reading

History Highlights for August 4

Although the Yankees already held a 4-3 lead on last place Boston in a game in the Stadium on August 4, 2015, the nine-run deluge in the bottom of the seventh against Jean Machi and Craig Breslow is what stands out in the 13-3 home team win. Chris Young, who scored four times on the day, homered in the frame, as did Brian McCann, the team rbi leader with four in this tilt. Lefty Henry Owens, responsible for just three runs in five innings, made his major league debut starting for the Red Sox in this one, and Masahiro Tanaka went six innings for the win. Continue reading

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