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History Highlights for July 14

It was Moose Skowron‘s big day on July 14, 1957. The Yanks had already lost the first game to the White Sox, 3-1, and things were bleak as they entered the ninth inning of Game Two trailing 4-0. But Moose supplied the highlight of the Yankee rally as his pinch-hit grand slam home run keyed the winning rally and the 6-4 victory. It was his second pinch-hit grand slam of the season, a record at the time. Yankee fans were suitably distraught when Moose passed away in April 2011. Continue reading

History Highlights for July 6

Starter Joba Chamberlain was of course not around long enough for the win in a 5-4 Yankee extra-inning victory over Boston in Yankee Stadium in the ESPN Sunday night game on July 6, 2008, but he did have some fun before leaving by throwing yet another pitch above the head of Kevin Youkilis. Alex Rodriguez homered off Tim Wakefield in this one, and Robinson Cano had a key two-run triple that tied the game in the seventh. But the star of the game award goes to Brett Gardner, who singled and scored in the sixth, and drove in Cano with the game winner in the bottom of the tenth. Astronaut and Yankee fan Garrett Reisman, who in April had thrown out the first pitch in a Stadium game from the International Space Station, threw out the first pitch in person this day, having returned to Earth in the interim. He also moved the games counter down to 34. Continue reading

History Highlights for June 26

The Yanks took advantage of the Old Timers Day festivities on June 26, 2011, to give tribute to retiring trainer Gene Monahan. In pregame ceremonies, Geno was given a Garth Books 10-gallon hat (and concert tix), a multi-signed Nascar helmet, a trip to the Alps, a Ford truck (perhaps with dog?), and a sitdown lawnmower. But the best were the funny player tributes by Derek Jeter: “He’s been here 100 years, I think”; and on tape from Don Mattingly: “He worked on Babe Ruth, you know.” Tino Martinez followed a Bernie Williams double with a home run to right to lead the Bombers past the Clippers in the three-inning 2-0 win in the OTD game. Then the Yanks used back-to-back Nick Swisher and Jorge Posada fifth-inning jacks, and another by Mark Teixeira in the eighth, to beat the Rockies 6-4. Continue reading

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