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All About “A” in Baseball Names

With the season upon us and baseball in the air and on the tongue, herewith a primer for novices and super experts. Enjoy, and keeps those letters and suggestions coming.

A-Rod A shortening of one-time Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez’s name.

Adjusted ERA formula for pitcher’s ability to prevent runs from being scored – adjusted for league and home park factors. AERA, adjusted earned run average.

Advance The moving ahead of a base runner to the next base as a result of a hit, error, sacrifice, balk, etc. Continue reading

Red Sox vs. Yankees: The Great Rivalry

The roots of the rivalry extend all the way back to the first time the teams faced-off on May 7, 1903 at the Huntington Avenue Grounds in Boston. They weren’t the Yankees and Red Sox then but instead had more geographically correct names: the Highlanders — they played on the hilly terrain of upper Manhattan; and the Pilgrims — in tribute to their New England heritage. Continue reading

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