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History Highlights for June 24

The Yankees played a 17-inning game with the Tigers in 2003, and I attended an 18-inning battle with them in 1988 and another 17-inning contest a few years back. But they all pale in comparison to the 22-inning battle the Yanks won against the Bengals on June 24, 1962, the longest in innings in Yankee history. Jack Reed, who replaced Joe Pepitone in the 13th, stroked his only career major-league home run to win it for Jim Bouton and his weary teammates, 9-7. Continue reading

History Highlights for June 20

If you picked the beginning of the bottom of the third inning of the June 20, 2010 interleague game between the Mets and the Yankees to purchase a nosh or take a walk, you missed virtually all the action — and certainly all the scoring — if you did not see the first 14 Johan Santana pitches of that frame. Brett Gardner, Derek Jeter, and Nick Swisher singles set the table, and Mark Teixeira‘s grand slam made it it a 4-0 game, the same score the game had six innings later. CC Sabathia went eight innings for the win, and Mariano Rivera finished up. Continue reading

Remembering Casey Stengel: You Could Look Him Up Part II

There have been many inside baseball with a gift for gab; however, in my book no one ever beat Charles Dillon Stengel for his way with words. I was early on in my writing career going around interviewing for one of my baseball books with a letter from a publisher asking that “all professional courtesies be extended to Dr. Harvey Frommer.” Continue reading

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